Strategies for Teaching Geography Electives in English to Native Spanish Speakers at a Colombian University


  • Nohora Bryan Author
  • Ezana Habte-Gabr Author



Universidad de La Sabana in Colombia has been increasing course work in English, and the need for adequate learning and teaching strategies has become salient as both students and instructors expressed concern of a foreign language impeding content acquisition. Through a seminar on English Content-Based Instruction, the Foreign Languages Department identified underlying problems related to language, such as the need for language strategies in mainstream courses in areas such as academic writing and reading. The English Content-Based Instruction approach seeks to simultaneously teach content and language. The need for instruction to be focused on fostering autonomous learning became apparent given the heterogeneity of learning styles. Two geography courses taught in English are discussed here in light of an overall survey on learning strategies.


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Author Biographies

Nohora Bryan

Nohora Bryan Zambranoholds a B.A. from Los Andes University, an M.A. from Saint Michaels College, has a wide experience in EFL/ESL teaching and research, has been a presenter in many local, national and international EFL events, and is a consultant for the building, setting up, monitoring and evaluation of bilingual programs. Her main areas of interest are teachers’ advancement, autonomy in language learning and technology for language learning. Currently, she is the Director of the Foreign Languages and Cultures Department at La Sabana University in Colombia.

Ezana Habte-Gabr

Ezana Eyassu Habte-Gabrhas worked with the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures as a teacher in the English Proficiency Program since 2001. In addition to teaching English courses, he has taught English Content-Based Courses in Geography, Population and Development areas through the Institute of Humanities at Universidad de La Sabana where he is currently based. He holds a BA and MA in Geography.




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Bryan, N., & Habte-Gabr, E. (2010). Strategies for Teaching Geography Electives in English to Native Spanish Speakers at a Colombian University. Latin American Journal of Content & Language Integrated Learning, 1(1), 1–14.



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