English Content-Based Approaches to Teaching Accounting


  • Pablo Moreno Alemay Author




This article illustrates the application of strategies on the part of the lecturer to teach a course of accounting in English to non-native English speakers. The following approaches proved to be the most useful: students realizing the importance of acquiring technical vocabulary in English; applying theory during the class as a language strategy; using different bibliographic sources such as journals, books and websites; writing papers which demonstrate student’s comprehension; communicating theory utilizing visual tools such as graphs, tables, beamer presentations; progressively reapplying the same financial procedures to more sophisticated settings with increasingly more text; consolidating a strong relationship of cooperation between the lecturer and the Foreign Language Department. This is a process of continuous improvement, hence the need to share results with other instructors and to observe similar experiences from different universities.


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Pablo Moreno Alemay

Pablo Moreno Alemayholds a D.E.S.S. in International Management from the Université de Rennes in France and a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and International Affairs from Universidad Externado de Colombia. He currently teaches at the Universidad de La Sabana in Chía, Colombia as a full-time lecturer in the International School of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Finance in the following courses: Accounting, Derivatives Market, and International Finance. His research interests include: Derivatives Market (Project: "Financial development in Latin America") and English content-based (Project: "English content-based approaches to teaching finance and accounting"). Mr. Moreno’s expertise is also utilized in various consulting projects: Acepalma S.A. Colombia (Project: "Hedge risk of palm oil international prices") and CAT GROUP, Subsidiary of Renault, Paris, France (Project: "Fiches Destinations - Amérique Latine").




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