A Blend of CLIL and Cooperative Learning Creates a Socially Constructed Learning Environment


  • Maria Ines Pistorio




This pilot study highlights an educational innovation underpinned by social constructivism, and presents an approach in which Cooperative Learning in a CLIL context is used to create a socially constructed learning environment. The project was implemented in a private school with the participation of a large heterogeneous class. The approach selected in this work is based on CLIL, a pedagogical tool which integrates language and content instruction in an EFL classroom. The method agrees with the experiential constructivist model unlike the traditional behaviourist model currently used in the school where this project was carried out. A close examination of students’ performance in their reading, writing and oral tasks showed an increase in overall language achievement. In essence, learners learned how to learn, became more autonomous, self-directed and intrinsically motivated.


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Author Biography

Maria Ines Pistorio

María Inés Pistorio is an MA candidate in Applied Linguistics at the National University of Córdoba (UNC), Argentina. Lectures include Research Methods I and Special Research Methodology at the National Technological University, Regional Faculty Venado Tuerto, Argentina. She is a lecturer at the Teaching Training College Dr. Antonio Nores where she teaches English History and Culture I, Teaching Practice I, and Information Communication Technology applied to the teaching of EFL in Córdoba, Argentina. She is a former teacher trainer and coordinator in Saint Patrick’s Bilingual School, and has coached students for PET at Castelfranco Bilingual School, and for Trinity Exams at San José School in Córdoba. Additionally, Pistorio has been a speaker in FAAPI Conferences (National Association of Argentine Teachers of English), in APIZALS 2008 (Association of Teachers of English from the Andes Region, Argentina), in ACPI Annual Congress 2007 (Association of Teachers of English from Córdoba) and in PRO-T Development Conference 2010 held in Córdoba, Argentina.




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Pistorio, M. I. (2010). A Blend of CLIL and Cooperative Learning Creates a Socially Constructed Learning Environment. Latin American Journal of Content &Amp; Language Integrated Learning, 3(1). https://doi.org/10.5294/laclil.2010.3.1.1



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