Experiences in Teaching Finance in English


  • Jorge Octavio Restrepo Guzman Author




This paper presents a brief description of English Content Based Instruction (CBI) as a process in which the student gains mastery of the language (procedural knowledge) and mastery of the subject learned (declarative knowledge) and the characteristics of its integration in the teaching process. Also, the author describes his experiences in planning and giving a course on Financial Analysis using the techniques of CBI and student-centered learning and the tools and procedures used in performing this task. Furthermore the experiences of other universities in giving CBI courses are reflected upon. The result of a survey about the perception of the course among a representative sample of the students is presented and analyzed and suggests.


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Author Biography

Jorge Octavio Restrepo Guzman

Jorge Octavio Restrepo Guzmanhas a degree in Industrial Economics and an MBA. He is currently an Associate Professor at Universidad de La Sabana in the International School of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Facultad de Ciencias Econòmicas y Administrativas. He has been an active member of the Investigation Team on English Content Teaching since March of 2004.




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Restrepo Guzman, J. O. (2010). Experiences in Teaching Finance in English. Latin American Journal of Content & Language Integrated Learning, 1(1), 35–42. https://doi.org/10.5294/laclil.2008.1.1.4



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