Community-Based Project: Taking Care of Our Environment


  • Teresa Benitez Author
  • Heidy Robles Noriega Author



The combination of language and content is the principal emphasis in the English teaching of International Relations program at Universidad del Norte. In order to maximize students’ performance in this approach, project work is assigned. Project work enhances students’ language skills (Stoller, 2006) and is a useful tool to help students develop different competences, such as research, collaborative, linguistic and cultural competence. “The Environmental campaign” is a community-based project that is carried out at Universidad del Norte with fifth semester students of International Relations in the Technology, Environment and Progress subject. The main objective of this project is to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of our environment. This project gives learners the opportunity to simultaneously get involved in social community projects and develop their language skills. For seven weeks, students plan, prepare, design, carry out and present their campaigns. The steps, follow-ups, process, constraints, and results are the main aspects to be shown in this paper. 


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Author Biographies

Teresa Benitez

Teresa Benitez Velasquez has an M.A. in Education with emphasis on English Language teaching from Universidad del Norte. She has teaching experience in preschool, elementary, high school, university levels, and teacher training in ELT methodology. She is currently a language and science teacher at Marymount School, where she is also the Elementary School Language Department Head. She also works as an English teacher in the International Relations English program in Universidad del Norte’s Language Department. 

Heidy Robles Noriega

Heidy Robles Noriega has an M.A. in Education with emphasis in English language teaching from Universidad del Norte. She is currently a language teacher in the Language Department at Universidad del Norte. She also works as a tutor in the Diploma in English Language Teaching and the Masters in Education programs.




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