CLIL at the University Level: Relating Language Teaching With and Through Content Teaching


  • Daniel J. Fernández Author



This study explores how the relationship between content and foreign language learning/teaching has evolved over the last few decades, particularly examining how the key concepts of content, language and language learning merge into CLIL. It then presents an analysis of a pedagogical experience: the case of Business English at the School of Economics, Universidad Nacional del Litora, Argentina, and offers some provisional conclusions which  can be de-contextualised, generalised and re-contextualised.


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Author Biography

Daniel J. Fernández

Daniel J. Fernández is the Head of Licenciatura en Español Lengua Extranjera and the Especialización in Discourse Analysis, School of Humanities, as well as the Head of INDICE: Instituto de Estudio de los Discursos Académicos y Profesionales de las Ciencias Económicas- School of Economics, FCE, Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL), Argentina. He holds the following degrees: Doctor in Language Sciences: Applied Linguistics (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba); MA in Applied Linguistics, Foreign Language Teaching and Educational Technology (University of Durham). An author of national and international publications, he is also the Coordinator of International Academic Relations at Language Centre, UNL., a Professional Development Evaluator, for the Ministry of Education (Argentina), and. President of Asociación Santafesina de Profesores de Inglés – ASPI.




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Fernández, D. J. (2009). CLIL at the University Level: Relating Language Teaching With and Through Content Teaching. Latin American Journal of Content & Language Integrated Learning, 2(2).



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