CLIL for CALP in the multilingual, pluricultural, globalized knowledge society: Experiences and backgrounds to L2 English usage among Latin American L1 Spanish-users


  • Carl Edlund Anderson



An important aspect of preparing learners for the globalized “knowledge society” is the development of (cognitive) academic language proficiency (CALP) in an L2 for use in postgraduate and/or professional environments. This small-scale study sought trends in acquisition and usage of English as an L2 amongst Latin American L1 Spanish-users. Among other findings, although stronger informal conversional skills (BICS) correlated with early exposure/instruction, many participants who came to English relatively late in life for use in postgraduate/professional situations had been able to develop sufficient CALP for success, although reporting significant challenges in L2 CALP development perceived as related to underdeveloped L1 CALP, despite L1 tertiary educational experience. Further investigation is vital, but there is a clear need to consider the non-linguistic (as well as linguistic) elements that play a role in the development of CALP for different purposes and at different levels, in both the L1 and any L2, amongst learners in different contexts.

Author Biography

Carl Edlund Anderson

Carl Edlund Anderson teaches in face-to-face and online Master’s programs for in-service English teachers at the Department of Languages & Cultures at the University of La Sabana in Chía, Colombia. He holds an A.B. in Folklore & Mythology from Harvard College and a Ph.D. from the Faculty of English (Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, & Celtic) at the University of Cambridge, as well as a CELTA from the British Council in Bogotá, Colombia. Currently serving on the editorial board of the Latin American Journal of Content and Language Integrated Learning, his research interests include CLIL, world Englishes, intercultural rhetoric, academic writing, and minority languages and cultures of Colombia. Outside of academia, he has worked for many years as a writer, editor, and translator, especially within the high-technology industry.