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The Latin American Journal of Content & Language Integrated Learning (LACLIL) is a peer-reviewed journal focused on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), multilingualism, interculturality, and CALL (computer-assisted language learning), throughout Latin America and around the world aimed at teachers, researchers, and educational administrators who are interested in researching, implementing, or improving language-learning approaches, techniques, materials, and policies.

LACLIL welcomes article submissions from researchers whose work is inspired in or stems from instructional practices implemented in language-learning subjects or subjects taught through an additional language. Articles, commentaries and reviews on (but not necessarily limited to) the following areas are welcomed:

  • educational approaches in which additional languages are used for the learning and teaching of both content and language (CLIL).
  • language learning, teaching, and/or evaluation practices aimed at fostering cognition and metacognition though language or content.
  • the use of information and communication technologies to foster communicative competences enhancing cognition, metacognition and the learning of language, content, or both.
  • the learning of culture and/or intercultural competences in or through additional languages.
  • teacher professional development initiatives in the aforementioned areas.


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